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The answer to macroeconomics is land(ing). There is land and it is functioning in some way, as an outcome of contracts created prior. Upon considering a blank map we can see how power condenses itself into zoning rights. Of course, it is the cloud(ing) that controls that: we know what we study, and tend to act accordingly.

“Money is a distributed value creation system. That’s why you want a society with money instead of a society without: more solutions can be created faster and more precisely.”

I thank Billionaire Pitchfork Man, Nick Hanauer, and his writing compatriot Eric Liu for bringing us “The Gardens of Democracy” and introducing the societally-scaled concept of focusing on solutions and their resultant productivity increases and risk decreases. I definitely recommend the book: it is my number one recommendation, beating out Parag Khanna’s Connectography by a hair’s length.

Homo economicus is the Person that focuses on the Customer. I don’t think there can be any better definition than that, because it is what makes value real.

Demand supplies demand for supply. Supply demands a supply of demand.

First you have an absolute result and then you end up getting relativity, as long as you keep going.

Think about this with me: think about this for me. What’s the difference?

By Academic trade, I am a Philosopher of Sales, which literally means that I find it of value to sell selling.

In the modern operation of an Organisation, there should be no concept of residuals. Everything that goes into and comes out of an Organisation, all parts of the process from the filling of the coffee machine to the deployment of the value being provided to the Customer, should be accounted for, and dealt with in a sustainable manner.

In times where the mixing of the Merchants and Politicians is at a highest peak in the on-going division of power, it is good to think about how a Corporation’s equity ratio is akin to a Nation’s sovereignty. There are many ways to think about it, all of which will deliver you the consideration of dependencies.

Change is the constant variable. Muutos on pysyvä muuttuja.

Here is a topic line:

Time Relativity of Humankind through Technology

Write an essay. You can start by thinking about how the emergence of a new technology alters the structure of the daily calendar of the individual and collective human being. You can continue by defining the different dimensions of individual and collective being.

I should have maybe called this equity core or something: anyway, it’s how I think about what Economists mean-in-practice regarding the concept of market equilibrium.

In life, you will always find the water. If you don’t find the water, you’re not in life, at least for very long (this was a reminder to drink water – this is a heavy website).

The primary thing that market data proves is that opportunity initially lies outside of ourselves, to be found in the market data. Of course, market data is originated from Humankind, so in that way opportunity also lies within us. It is a matter of are we talking about being-demand or being-supply, when it comes to the perception of opportunity.

I would do something I had never done before and rise on to the barricades if someone actually tried to remove all cash from the economy. The world operates on fiscal flows and in a non-cash world we would have built ourselves into a trap of single-system dependency in the digital realm. I cannot allow that for the perceived future safety of myself and everyone around me. Though digital-system security is on a good level given technological advancement, and advancing work will obviously continue, then the core digital-system vulnerability will not remove itself. There must be a material analog-system of cash to balance the risks of the immaterial digital-system of cash: for me there is no way around this fact.

I’ll put it this way: I’d never conduct any skydive without a professionally-packed reserve parachute. If I think of life as a continuous skydive through the flows of day and night: I want to know the existence of physical cash as my reserve chute.

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