Deep Thought

“Computation is another word for work.”

Published in the Financial Times. April 15th, 2019.

“I feel that one of the most shocking things that Humankind has faced in the past decade is Humankind itself. The Internet is our mirror, and in its light-speed spread, it has put on quite a show: or should I say allowed us to do so ourselves. We’ll get better at living with IT.”

“The true Tragedy of the Commons has nothing to do with the sharing of common resources. It has to do with the fact that, even when you suddenly one day become rich, you’re still a Commoner! There are so many rich People these days.”

Entrepreneurship is science-in-reality. There are hypotheses of self-as-supplier and market-as-buyer, they are tested, and then there is or isn’t money as an objective outcome. There will always be learning as a subjective outcome: an attempt never goes unrewarded, since data is always created. That People can choose to not buy from an Entrepreneur brings falsifiability into the process. That Customers as ”test subjects” act upon their own free will means that the ”Entrepreneurial experiment” is controlled by Nature itself.

In Finnish: Yrittäjyys on tiedettä suoraan todellisuuteen vietynä. On hypoteesejä itsestä tarjonnan tekijänä ja markkinasta kysynnän tekijänä, niitä testataan ja sitten joko on tai ei ole rahaa objektiivisena lopputuloksena. Tulee aina olemaan oppeja subjektiivisena lopputuloksena: yritys ei ikinä mene ohitse palkitsematta, sillä data tulee aina luoduksi. Se, että Ihmiset voivat päättää olla ostamatta Yrittäjältä tuo falsifioinnin vaatimuksen mukaan. Se, että Asiakkaat “koesubjekteina” käyttävät omaa vapaata tahtoaan tarkoittaa, että “Yrittäjyyskoe” on luonnon itsensä kontrolloima.

One of the best ways to acclimatise oneself with our arrival into the Digital Age is to realise that those days when the Computer and the Internet seem to be against you with their Armies of Bugs: it’s like a rainy day outside, but inside. You just can’t get away from the fact that Computers and the Internet are practically living organisms, given they’re built by them (Humans): they’re going to keep on not being perfect.

Your message push & response rates determine your working speed. Your message response depth & precision determines your working fidelity. These are living functions relative to the state of your own being and the beingness of those People that have a noticeable impact upon your behaviour with their own.

By becoming an Entrepreneur, you become a Ship that builds its own Arrival Run (to land, to fiscal sustainability) by selling itself to those who are already on the ground.

The key to peace is knowing the limits of the tease to break it, and why it’s worth it every now and then: on the smaller scales, never the bigger ones. Obviously.

The real big data is life experience. If your life experience is versatile, the dataset you carry can perform more relative processing across events. If your life experience is narrower, your dataset will optimise towards efficiency of what you have.

This is to say that there are different kinds of being. Compare an International Person to a Countryperson by looking at their day-to-day calendars: there’s a huge processing type difference, both ways. Intelligence, knowledge, power: they are all relative to what you are doing. There is no supremacy here.

Being a Leader is the best for those whose People-carrying capacity is sufficient to have the chance to succeed at the job. But let’s be honest: being a Follower is better for most People, since Leaders are by definition a minority. That a Person is a follower with less responsibility means that they are more free, not less. Leaders are much more restricted.

If you body-slam yourself into your TV, which one of you is going to be more broke and why? What are the possible physical and fiscal outcomes emotionally of body-slamming yourself into your TV?


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