Sales Thought

In a life lived making money, you don’t mind the gap. You find the gap.

“With an ad, the deal is that you learn what the deal is.”

You are always at least the purveyor of the experience of being with you.

“When in doubt: cut it out.”

The feedback bounce of an excelsior customer service engagement can be not only linear-to-exponential to an Organisation’s growth: it can be asymptotic. This means that one par-none customer service engagement, one action of giving it everything, can reward the Team in more business coming in because the Customer, well-served, puts in good referral amongst whomever who ends up then bringing in the new cash. The growth can be linear-to-exponential as in something stable or increasingly accelerative (due to follow-on mass publicity, for example). But growth can also be asymptotic: a jump-thru-mirror of such a significant strategy shift wherein the Organisation’s nature changes to such an extent that its growth must be viewed as having entered a new dimension, as jumping platforms on a space-time-money -curve from one corner of a diagram to another.

Supertruly good idea: to grow International respect, a background pillow for your mind to rest upon when travelling and working across cultures and countries, listen to various national anthems on the music service provider of your choice. Whilst listening, think of why the country at hand is awesome, and how that awesomeness is reflected in the anthem: which is by definition awesome, since it is the song of an entire Nation. Couples have songs, Friends have songs: and then entire Nations have songs.

Find the epic: be a better Globalite.

For a Salesperson, every action will have a reaction: whether or not it is fiscally-laden or not is uncertain. By saying reaction I also do not mean there will always be a response: a non-response is also a reaction from the recipient.

As a Salesperson, you need not only to be a Carrier of the Message: a Deliverer. You need also to be the Holder of the Message: the quality of your deliverance, of your owning it, determines many things starting immediately thereafter.

The acquisition rate-to-carrying capacity ratio is a key indicator of speed for a Salesperson.

The story of the past culminates into the viewpoints of the future, seen in the present.
Royal-grade money takes time to move, so it’s also a whole different test of endurance.

The Science of Sales is based on the hunting of the coin, the navigation to the deal. People meet People, and stuff happens where money and ownership get shifted around, forming receipts as proof of unfolded events.

That said: there’s actually not much to teach except the basic logic of human interaction and some base moral rules. I am not sure the science requires more than one lesson: at maximum one course.

Otherwise: get out there. Nothing beats a sales job to start your career: it’s the best People training there is. Whether at the grocery store or on the street selling mobile subscriptions: it’s worth it.

The difference between a good and a bad action reduces down to a good action leading to an increase in desired followers (double-good includes a decrease in undesired followers) and a bad action leading to a decrease in desired followers (double-bad includes increase in undesired followers).

We are what we eat and that contains food and media.

What’s really interesting to think about is the shared emotions of ownership. That is: You and I both own a something, thus we share the emotion of owning it.

“The proper way a wine is drunk is in a high-class environment.”*

I’m looking to found a high-class wine bar in the cozy Töölö Village district of downtown Helsinki. Living here is like being inside a pillow: that’s how cozy the Land of the Moomins gets. If you want to bring high-class wine into the pillowest environment there is, and have me lead the sales pitch and run the operation (30% ownership as compensation), then it’ll cost you probably something around €5 million (because me and by potential business Partners want to pre-fund a long-term operation so that the place has time to naturally grow into the scene: Finns are slow at picking up new consumption habits, at least in Töölö Village: the pillowest place in town). One funny thing about saying Töölö Village is pillowy is that it is actually a city-hunk of rock: but the inside vibe – that’s what’s pillowy.

*Really try and read the above quote like Corey Stoll who plays Ernest Hemingway in my favourite movie of all time: Midnight in Paris. It is the perfect tone of voice to get into the mind of a Finnish Man, so you can imagine what it’s like up here: in the Far North. Mr. Stoll’s tone of voice is also a really perfect depiction of the vibe I’d be shooting for in the space’s ambiance. I’d call the place:

Midnight in Töölö.

The concept of speed is best defined by the relativity of the Human and the Wall.

The difference between a Revenue Theorist and an Entrepreneur is the capacity to operate the PowerPoint-vehicle to the correct location in the correct fashion as relative to the recipient of the vehicle. That is to say: a Revenue Theorist talks about the outcome of doing that dreamingly, and the Entrepreneur actually calculates the options, builds the presentation, and walks the path to the meeting. It is not an easy job: I can assure you that much.

LLL: Lands, Livingrooms, Lives. My spell of thoughts for Being International: lules fol lespect, remembering that they’re Homes of other People when you’re travelling, not just new markets.

There are those who live on the meeting of the deadline. Then there are those who set it, and live on it as well.

“I think it is wise to note the similarity of advertising and finance, for example how sending out an ad is essentially the same as holding a derivative on the recipient potentially responding: a ticket with some probability distribution of payout, which loses value over the course of some limited period of time as the ad expires.”

All new growth ventures are entrepreneurial. That comes by the definition of it.

“Growth never just happens. It begins with an investment decision: be that on the side of the Demander or Supplier is irrelevant. When it comes to growth, someone must be investing to give potential to the realisation of whatever it is that is desired to be made actual. Growth is Aristoteles’ Metaphysics put into practice.”

Winning starts with a strong understanding of the phrase:
“I need to be there at then-o-clock.”

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