Skim Thought

“At work, time is money (never question that). Outside of work, the exact opposite seems to be true (that time is anti-money). I’d also say: never question that a coin today is better than a coin tomorrow.”

Not having to do something that you thought you had to but didn’t want to do: the arrival of a little peace of Heaven, surely.

A convenient way to depict the extreme spread of economic speeds – that is, the operating speed of the economy, and its endpoints – is to compare national economic data and a Whatsapp-message. The former is the product of a year, the latter the product of a moment. Which creates which, or do they both create both? If nothing else, the relativity of communication speeds is depicted very well here. There are People that run on a daily Whatsapp-tic, and then there are People that download a huge single-dump of information once a year.

Communication with no meat on it is a pure command. Every step of meat you take on, you’re further away from a command and into all other forms of communication. If you’re living in a race (whichever kind), your goal is to stick close to the commands: they are the language of speed. If you’re trying live like a normal person, there should be more meat around your words. Leaders have to balance the two sides well, for they work in both arenas.

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